Thursday, 16 January 2020

Complate Math's Book - Very useful in all competitive exams

Living on a scholarship in Madras and making a meal once or twice a day. But his fame had spread at that time. One time his friend went to see him and said that he now knows you as a genius. Ramanujan showed his elbow and said that this elbow had turned black to become a genius! Everything I write is written in the slate, and this is the only person who can work it! This answer shows that he had prank relationships with friends, not very serious or 'mad master'.

                                All his formulas have to be tested and all his steps have been fully developed by others and still do! Loni's book is mainly about geometry and calculus, but there was nothing about complex variables and elliptical functions. That is, it is okay to learn these topics, but Ramanujan never came to his acquaintance. However, his research in both these subjects - complex variables and elliptical functions - has taken mathematics to a new level. If so, Ramanuja had not taken any training in mathematics. That is why he has used so many words in such a way that his commentators understand that his purpose is to say. They have used new and popular words instead.

                                In the meantime he took the matriculation exam in the 8th and got the 'first class' in mathematics, but in mathematics he became obsessed with the failure of the annual exam in English and physiology. The situation remained the same even when Pachiyappa entered college four years later. Fail in all but math!

                            He was married to a ten year old girl named Janaki in the 5th. After getting married, it felt like a responsibility to the house, so the founder of the Indian Mathematical Society. R. Iyer met. Iyer was the Deputy Collector at the time. Ramanujan requested him to give him a job. Iyer saw his theorems and was amazed. He introduced Ramanujan to his old teacher, Professor of Mathematics at Kumbakonam College. V. Seshu sent to Rao. Rao sent him to another wealthy mathematician, Ramachandra Rao. Ramachandra Rao Panetake was happy and could help. He was very impressed with his theorems. They thought that Ramanujan would not do the job and would continue to do math. So he immediately agreed to give a monthly scholarship.

                            Thus they got Rs 6 a month, but Ramanujan was not willing to do any harm, so he kept looking for a job. In 5, he got a job as a clerk in the Madras Port Trust at a salary of Rs. In this they gave up a monthly contribution of Rs. Incidentally, Sir Francis Spring, chairman of the Port Trust, was a skilled engineer and manager S.J. N. Iyer also excelled in mathematics. Both of them took great interest in Ramanujan and insisted that his theorems be sent to mathematicians in London.
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