Saturday, 4 January 2020

GSRTC Conductor Exam 2017 Paper Solution with Official Answer Key

ST The division has the ghosts of a bogus job scandal. A woman from Modasa diocese brought wrong orders from Ahmedabad Central Office to get government job. As the woman conductor was employed in the depot, the saying goes, 'Shout out to sinners,' as the young woman's job came to light after the scandal unfolded. There has been an uproar among employees.

ST According to the details of the disturbance incident in the system, Bhavnagar ST. Parulben Lovejoybhai Patel (Rah, Tintoi, Ta. Modasa), who has been serving as the female conductor for the last two months in the division's Botad depot, submitted false orders and suspected that she had obtained a government job. Patel, administrative and security officer as well as staff of the women staff were taken to Botad ST on Friday. Ran to the depot.

Where he scrutinized all the facts, Parulben Patel exposed the scandal that had landed him on a bogus order. Officers were also shocked by the consternation of the female conductor. As her fiancé revealed, D.C. Patel ordered the Botad depot manager to file a police complaint against Parulban Patel. Following the order, the Botad depot manager proposed to file a standard police complaint at the police station.

Bhavnagar ST The scandals uncovered by the department are two months old. The girl worked as a conductor for two months even though the ST. The system was in the dark. However, after the complaint came to the inner wall, the girl's cartoon has opened today. Parul Patel is on leave yesterday to get a job with wrong orders, today Bhavnagar ST. DC Officers, including Botad, ran away and had a preliminary investigation. Later, a statement of the girl and the depot was submitted to the Ahmedabad Central Office of the corporation and its report was submitted. Departmental Inquiries can now be ordered by the head office to ascertain the depth of the incident, official sources of ST revealed.

Ahmedabad Order and Signature of Bhavnagar DC!

In order to get a job in ST, the girl prepared the wrong order of the Ahmedabad Central Office but did not sign the office of Bhavnagar Divisional Director. Today Bhavnagar ST. This fact came out when the DCA investigated the entire case. In addition, the outcode number of recruitment along with the order is from the central office. The local departmental office does not have an outcode number. However, he made such a move and started a job at Direct Botad Depot.
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