Thursday, 2 January 2020

Secondary Education Board Announces Model Paper: English

Gujarat Board has announced the date of the examination. This year, exams will be held just before last year.Examination of Standard-10 will be held from March 5 to March 17. Examination of the standard 12 science stream will be held from March 5 to 17. While the standard-12 general examination will be held from March 5 to 21. New 29 centers of standard-10 have been approved. A board examination meeting was held in Gandhinagar today. 

After this meeting, the date of the examination has been announced. The schedule of examinations of Board of Examination of Class 10 and 12 of the standard stream held next year has been fixed at the meeting of the Gujarat Board Examination Committee held today. However, there was some bad news for the students of Dh-10 from this meeting held in Gandhinagar. In March 2020, the timetable for the examinations of the Board of Examiners 10 and 12 has been announced. The date for the March 2020 board exams has been announced, with the examinations of the board starting from March 5. Science stream, normal flow date has been announced. 
The examination of the Board of Std-10 will be held early this year. Learn the whole program: Examination of Standard 10 Board will be held from March 5 to March 17, standard 12 science stream examination will be held from March 5 to March 16, while examination of General Std. 12 will be conducted from March 5 to March 21. This year, 10 new examination centers have been approved for the standard 10 board examination.
In view of the convenience of the students, the Gujarat Secondary Education Board (GSEB) has decided to open the results of Class-10 at 11am on its website. In addition, GSEB has also launched a phone service wherein students can also know their results by calling.
result It is worth mentioning here, that this time millions of students of Gujarat have passed the standard 10 exams. According to the board's list, the admission process for the next standard will be started after June 6

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