Friday, 17 January 2020

Syllabus declared for Education Service Class 2 Paper 1 and Paper 2

Maintenance and classification of records and destruction of old records of all branches of the collector's office Purchase and distribution of stationery etc. for all branches of the office. Request for stationery etc. from Government Press No agreement on the destruction of old records Issue certified copies of records available to applicants. Provide uniforms to the employees of class 8 of the office Distribution of diaries, calendars etc. 

to the employees Maintain a dead stock register Celebrating national festivals Work related to NRI / NRG. Serves as Coordinator of District Coordination Committee meetings. Functions of Government Vehicles of the Revenue Officers Work related to the game epic. Maintenance and repair of Xerox and fax machines Books and library related work. Maintenance and destruction of the national flag Implementation of Audit Para of Gram Panchayat RTS / CTS Branch The main operation Revision of the case decided by the province officer under section 1 (2) of the Land Revenue Act-1. A major revision of the land case in 1978 under the Land Revenue Rule Various appeals. Copyright - Record of Rights (ROR) 

related work Record propagation and re-survey operation KJP Implementation (Kami-Zasta Sheet) Monitoring the RTS Team and checking for defective entries made by the RTS Team. Pahani Sheet (Village Sample No.1) Revision of Village Sample 1 Work on farming. Kutch district's "Annawari" of the crop. 
Jan Contact Branch The Public Relations Officer is a link connecting all the branches of the collector's office. The Public Relations Officer is the linking officer to all the branches of the collector's office. Features like "Single Window System" are provided by the Public Relations Officer. The important task of providing proper guidance to all people, both educated and uneducated, is by the Public Relations Officer. Important meetings and citizens' issues are resolved by the Public Relations Officer. 

The main operation General Administration Citizens' Complaints Organizing meetings Implementation of Social Security Plans Records and maintenance of stationery Listening to citizens' grievances and putting them in the care of the superior officer. Procedure for providing information of important and collector's news in daily newsletters to the Additional Collector and Resident of the Resident. Managing its disposal by accepting appeals under the Right to Information (RTI Act-1) 
Implementation of District Welcome and State Swat program District Swag, which is held on the fourth Thursday of every month. Conduct efforts to coordinate district issues and increase efficiency in the administrative area Compilation of District Coordination Committee meetings held on the third Saturday of the month Operation of redressal of complaints under Lokayukta and IWDMS program
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