Saturday, 29 February 2020

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The World Bank submitted a report on female education, which showed a
worrying picture. The World Bank has said that girls are not getting enough education, and the World Bank estimates that the burden on the world will increase by $ 2 billion.In a report titled 'Missed Opportunities: The High Cost of Not Educating World', the World Bank said that because the girls are deprived of education, the entire world suffers losses of up to $ 3 billion.

Women do not get enough education and hence they do not get proper jobs. Women who have the opportunity make the family financially stronger. The World Bank emphasized on female education, saying that those who do not get education do not get such opportunity and the financial condition of the family is limited.

The World Bank presented the report when the United Nations celebrated Malala Day, saying that two-thirds of girls in low-income poor and developing countries could get primary education. They do not get the opportunity to pursue higher studies due to economic constraints.

Similarly, only one of the three girls can get education in secondary school. According to the World Bank, today the world has to suffer as much as $ 3 billion to the adult women who did not get proper education at that time.

In other words, women who have reached the age of earning today - who really want to work instead of staying home - would have added $ 3 billion to the world's total earnings if they had received the right education at the right time.
According to the World Bank report, to date, 1.5 million girls between the ages of 3 to 6 years in the world have not been admitted to school.
Malala, a 3-year Nobel Prize winner in celebration of Malala Day, said that 100 million girls could have become engineers, doctors, journalists, CEOs. Had he had the opportunity, he would have increased the world's income.
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