Sunday, 23 February 2020

NCERT New Textbook Maths Guide PDF Copy : Standard-6

Child Literature Campaign is being organized at the VMS Chitrakoot Flats in front of the Gujarati Literature Council every month and on the third Saturday for the purpose of accelerating the creation of children's literature writers from the Mother Tongue Campaign Institute established for the development of Gujarati language. In this session, children's writers, children's children, children's songs, rhymes and riddles are presented by the children's literature writers.

 Talking about this, Rajendra Patel, Trustee of Literacy Campaign and Literature, said that today is the 9th session of child literature run by the Mother Language Campaign. This is a rare occurrence of Gujarati literature. The necessity of the present day to provide excellent children's literature to the children through the mother tongue institution. The children studying in the school revamp their interest with literature that interests them as well as keep the Gujarati language and literature alive. Shanisabha works to give a new direction to Gujarati language and literature. The Meeting is run free of charge, and newcomers and renowned pediatricians are present to try to make children's literature a mess. Every month the child's name appears in 'E-General' softcopy. This continuously ongoing session will be a blessing to the next generation.

The presence of a pediatrician is not sufficient or remuneration is not paid

Saturn Sabha provides a literary explanation for how children's works can be better represented by senior pediatricians. Instructions regarding eligibility are provided along with linguistic grips. No child literary presence is provided or paid in the House of Commons. Our goal is to bring pediatric surgeons to children better. Through such meetings, the future of children's literature is bright. There has also been an increase in the number of writers in the House which is a sign of the success of the House.
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