Thursday, 27 February 2020


At the time of the scholarship exam, while the teacher of the government school in the private school was doing the supervision, another teacher came in and came from the scoreboard itself. He spoke of going inside. In which, after a brawl, there was talk of spoiling. The entire matter, which reached the police station and DPEO has given the duty of a teacher, taking serious note of the incident. On the other hand, in the previous surprise checking, three teachers have been given notice.
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According to information available on the incident, a scholarship exam was held in the state last Sunday. In Morbi too, 6 students took the exam in six centers which were present at the Gyanpath school on Shanala Road, when the teacher was present at the Gyanpath school, while Rohithai Adroja, who was also the official of the Taluka Primary Teachers' Union, attended the school. Talked for and the teacher on duty Prahlad Singh Jadeja Introduction spoke like a squad itself.

There was a brawl that demanded an iCard and afterwards the melee reached. The CCTV cameras were also imprisoned and the police had lodged a complaint about the incident. In the wake of the incident, District Primary Education Officer Mayur Parekh has taken stern action and has taken steps to defer the duty against teacher Rohit Adroja.

On the other hand, a school surplus was visited by the Morbi District Primary Education Officer during the first semester examination, giving a notice of 7 days to the notice of the total 6 teachers who were considered negligent in duty and several irregularities. DPEO has said that action will be taken in accordance with the rules after the disclosure.
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