Friday, 28 February 2020

Science New NCERT Navneet std.6 (Sem.1)

The Bombay High Court said that the entire education sector has
been disappeared from all sides."Your account is very fragmented," a bench of Justice Bhushan Gawai and Bharti Dangare said.You force schools to enroll students under the right to education, but you yourself have not paid them in years, the bench said. The court made the comment in view of the fact that the expenditure on the backwardness of lean field students in the 5 per cent quota under the Right to Education was not reimbursed to private non-government schools.
Now teachers are getting on the front and agitating as their salaries are stagnant due to non-payment from the government. The Assistant Government Counsel said in response to the comment that the government had recently released Rs. 1 crore to schools as compensation for education rights. This amount will be given to schools in a single day.The petition filed by the Balmohan Vidyamandir was underway. The petition alleges that individuals like some educational authorities and some seating townspeople are experimenting with force to admit them under the 5 percent quota, and schools are given notice of cancellation when they are refused.

The court has directed the School Education Authority that no further action should be taken against the school unless further order is given.The joint secretary of education department has also sent a notice to the court seeking an explanation for why the contempt proceedings should not be taken against him for commenting contrary to the judgment of the previous bench of the High Court in the affidavit.
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