Monday, 9 March 2020

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Today's date is tomorrow's date. The cycle of time revolves around
the clock. Each moment brings a new breath. Something is adding to us. Something is also moving. Sometimes something is saved forever in your heart, sometimes something tears out of your eyes. Every day we add a little bit of past into our lives. Stories of experiences, memories, memories, warmth, hatred, strife, resentment, sadness, loneliness, loneliness, sadness, happiness, suffering, loss, hope, frustration, love, hate are added to life. The heartbreak continues between hearts and minds. Keeping up the accounts of good and bad. The advantages and disadvantages are calculated. Thoughts of happiness and sorrow keep coming. The contestant poses some questions, "Where am I?" What am i This is exactly what I am doing? The path I have taken is true, isn't it?

The path was right or wrong when it comes to destination! Often, the idea is to reach the destination, right? Sometimes when something worthwhile comes the thought of, is this a destination or a destination? This is a story of a young man. As a kid, a few dreams were kept awake in the eye. There is so much to do in life. He cherished many dreams, including a career, a home, a partner. It was as if, at a young age, all his dreams had come true. Good marks came in the study. Got a good pay job. The house was done, too. I also got a spouse to love. A good reputation in the society began to emerge. All of a sudden, it was all I had thought, now what? It was disturbed. He went to a philosopher to guide his own confusion. The young man spoke on his own. Last question, I guess, I had imagined and I got everything I wanted, what do I do now? The philosopher said, You have two ways. Enjoy what is one! Another way is to make your dreams bigger. Creating dreams is a matter of our hands. Maybe you still have something to do! Just keep in mind that you will not forget to enjoy what you have in order to enlarge the dreams and fulfill those dreams!

Everyone has enough to enjoy life. We do not enjoy what we are and run behind what is not. When running, we stop being tired. Only those who enjoy fatigue will feel the urge to run. How much do we enjoy whatever we are, what we have got? Was a spouse. Both had Lovemarages. The couple's life was nice too. After marriage, the husband continued to move on. Everything was going according to their thinking and desire. Gradually, the success began to run so that he had little regard for his wife and home. One day the wife questioned. Why is there so much fuss? The husband replied, "I want to get more than we have!" The wife said, love not increase? If you decide to do more of everything then decide to grow in love too! This is not a complaint, I wish! Our love seems to be diminishing. You don't have time for breakfast! I want to increase my love, will you support me in that? The husband looked in front of the wife. He said, "Come on, I have no idea. You are right Well done, you brought my attention. You will feel the change in me within a few days. This is what happens in our lives. The focus of one is served somewhere else. What do we do then? We get into direct fights or displeasure. You have nothing to do with me now, you have no time for me, you will lose me in getting another. Decide what you want to do Wherever there is dialogue, we start to ask questions. Don't ask questions, find answers, don't fret, get a solution. The biggest reason for a man's suffering is lack of understanding. We are dying for what we want. Now we decide whether to cross it or not. Our minds and minds are disturbed. If you have a problem, talk. If you have any confusion, open your heart. We forget the art of talking!

We hold everything very tight. Don't quit. You have to be free yesterday to embrace today. Whatever happens in life or not, things happen. We keep things we don't like and we keep getting hurt. His lover was unfaithful to a girl. The lover left her and left. The girl was distraught. He talked to his friend. He was already deceiving me. He made a love play with me. I'm constantly wondering, why did he do this to me? What was wrong with me? Nothing forgets me Hearing this, his friend said, is it good or is he gone? If so, you would be even more stupid! Did you want to, are you more deceived? The question is, what is my point? It is not necessary that we have a bend every time. Some sentences are unwarranted. Sometimes there are people in our lives who do not deserve us. Why is it sad to go away? Forget it. Imports should not be given to anyone who does not deserve to be remembered. Whatever is gone, forget what is gone. Welcome to what's new. Welcome to Open Life Life does not end with one person. We have a problem that, after a few events, we assume that everything is gone. Understanding when something is over is a sign of something new. It starts to get better after it gets worse
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