Thursday, 5 March 2020

Answer the important questions that can be asked in Gujarati grammar

The shape of life changes over time. The moment's anecdote
'shapes' every day life. Was an idiot. He said that the consciousness of the magnitude of the magnitude of the idiom should be determined when making the idol. Time is not a matter of our hands. Time flies sometimes. We have to decide how to heal their wounds. Many people break down. They do not have the same zinc membrane against time. Some people do not break even. A man approached an astrologer. Seeing the horoscope, the astrologer said, Your time is running out right now. The man said, it doesn't matter. The astrologer asked, what will you do now? The man said, "Now I will decide how I want to live my bad times for the good!" He laughed and said that sometimes there is a war against the planets. 

Time will only kill the wounds he has to kill. I want to strengthen my armor. No armor can hurt you if the armor is equipped. I know that breathing is not stopping. I want to keep that breath in rhythm. The air changes its direction, so the sailor sails. Humans also have to keep track of the air. Timely sail changers do not drown. When it is impossible to swim, the most important thing is to be careful not to drown!

The same is to be careful not to dampen our senses even during the hard times in Kepara. Just got to read a nice fun sensitive story. A soldier was serving in Kashmir. The terrorists were confronted daily. The atmosphere was tight. As night falls, this soldier goes to an ATM in the village. Every day he earns a hundred bucks. The watchman of the ATM sees that the jawans come to the ATM daily and earn only a hundred bucks. Not a day off from Watchman. He asked the soldier why you make only a hundred bucks a day? Take it together so you don't have to jerk every day!

The soldier rolled his eyes in the watchman's eyes and said the words as if in a sarcastic manner, saying, "I will withdraw a hundred bucks. At the same time my wife receives an SMS from the bank saying that the money has been withdrawn from this account." This is a daily message to my wife that I live and I am a hamkhem. You don't worry! Can't call in Kashmir, the internet is closed so I have found this way! I know, the bank's SMS will only come after it! When the soldier finished talking, the corners of his eyes were wet. His sensations were sparkling in the dampness. Do you ever wonder, how much time do you give your people during your twenty-four hours?

One person was retiring from his job. In his office a program to deliver him was organized. The management sent an invitation to the program to each of his family members. His son was working at an important post in a distant city. The son came to attend the program. The father said, "I know that your work is very lively, yet I like you. I was like you wouldn't come. The son also said that when my school had an annual day, you would not come because of your work. I'm so sad I did not want to give you the pain I was suffering so I left everything to work! The father embraced the son and said, "You are wiser than me!"

If you make time for yourself and your people, you will not regret the day that I did not live the way I want to live! Do you make time for yourself? If the answer is yes then you are smart, intelligent, understanding and sensitive. How are we What do we want to be? That's all we have to decide!
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