Monday, 16 March 2020

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That's what an old couple said. Both of them are 65 plus. Son and bride do not care. Why don't you ask your parents all at once
throughout the day? The house has a kinks atmosphere. This is a daughter married to a couple. The daughter and son-in-law are worried about the parents. Both of them have repeatedly told parents that we should stay there. We'll take care of you. Both parents are reluctant to go to their daughter's house despite being tired of saying. They say, will anything be left in the daughter's house? We do not even drink water from our daughter's house. If you eat your daughter, you have to go to hell! You may have also seen such events around you.

In this case, there was still a son. There are many cases where a parent has only one or two daughters. After the daughter-in-law is married, parents are left alone. The daughter is constantly worried about the health of the parents. If the parents are ill, their lives are cut off. Even if the daughter is tired of being banished, her parents are not ready to go with her. Our social customs and traditions are so strange that the brain doesn't work. If a parent lives with a daughter, there is no shortage of puppets in society. What parent Eat daughter's house!

In our country, the problems of parental care are increasing. There is also a reason why we love the Son, that he can preserve it in the neck. Even though at a slower pace, there is a slight improvement now that parents do not discriminate between sons and daughters. The upbringing of children is a major responsibility at present. Young couples are now thinking, whether it be a boy or a daughter, we want to bring the only child into the world. Nevertheless, it is sometimes thought that what will happen after the daughter-in-law is gone? We will all be left alone. In many cases, we also find that when choosing a mate, one daughter becomes so cautious that we will take care of both parents.

There are also cases in the society where a parent has complained against the son regularly that the son does not care about us. Does not provide maintenance. Ever heard of a complaint that a daughter does not care for us? The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act 2007 is to be amended in our country. According to this law not only the son and daughter-in-law, but also the daughter and son-in-law have to take care of the parents. That means everyone has to take care of parents and in-laws as well. A six-month sentence has also been imposed if he doesn't care. Not everything works by law. The mindset has to change as the law changes.
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