Thursday, 19 March 2020

Current affairs 1 to 7 March 2020 by ICE Rajkot : For All Exam

Everything is changing over time. This is a change that no one can stop. It is not necessary and not possible that every change is
positive. Technology has changed. Heaps of happiness and convenience are being integrated into the everyday market to make man's life easier. With the help of mobiles, everything is available with a finger tarway. Desire becomes present at the door step. As the pleasures and pleasures of resources grow, so why do happiness and peace seem to diminish? Why can't a man have fun? Should everything be increased then happiness should also increase?

We are condemning the virtual world. One question should also be, what would it be if it were not? Would a man have joined his people? If a man has to remain attached to his people, who does not give it? We take the wrong route by hand and then complain that if I get lost, do we have a dirty road or one? We fall first alone by hand and then jump to get one's hands and hands! Many businesses have now opened up to encash even the loneliness of man. By spending money and wasting time, man has become embroiled in the notion that I am living life. Enjoy my life. By uploading photos on social media, we are not only showing the world that we are having fun, we are also reassuring ourselves that Life is Good!

We no longer have people who can speak openly. We have no time for anyone and no one for us. The answer to any question is not available. Even if you have a mind to talk to, it is not decided who to talk to. The thirst for talking is sometimes doomed. Now the concept of the Human Library has come into the world. Do you need a man to talk to? Book online and get the man to talk! Thus, the idea of ​​a human library is not new, but nowadays it has become intimate. Ronnie Ebergel is believed to have started the Human Library in 2000 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Today there is a Human Library in 80 countries. The first Permanent Human Library was opened in Lismore, Australia in 2006. Human libraries have been opened in many cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore in our country. You need to register with the topics of your choice, so that you can find knowledgeable topics to talk about.

People who value the benefits of the Human Library say that you find the company you love. If everything is available for physical relaxation, why not arrange for mantle saturation? The mind also has an appetite. Interestingly, the members of the Books Library are shrinking and the demand for the Human Library is steadily increasing. New human libraries are opening daily and the curtains of the Library of Books are collapsing. People taking advantage of the Human Library continue to share their experiences. One young man said, I went to a new city for a job, there was no friend. I got a man bored from the Human Library! Another young lady said that my boyfriend was not interested in the topics I was interested in, so I resorted to the Human Library. What the third person spoke about shows the new face of today's society. He said, talk to him then his page does not stay! It doesn't have to be pumped! We have no expectations of it. After you talk you are on my way and I am on my way!
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