Friday, 13 March 2020

English Grammar Basic -PDF file

To this day we used to say that the world has become smaller. The

whole world has come into our house.
If we think of education then today's world has become a university. In today's world, the system has become available for students to study wherever they want. Due to globalization, there have been many changes of cultural, social and educational. If there are many benefits due to globalization, negative effects are also seen. 

Today the student of India is leaving his country and going to study in another country. There is not a single university in our country at the first 3 universities in the world Universities abroad attract good students. They impose on our students the culture, membership and beliefs of their country. As a result, Indian values, culture and membership are gradually eroding. We, too, have become so na .ve that we, too, have closed our eyes on foreign courses and customs. Our intellectual youth go abroad because of our lack of education. India does not benefit from it.

The fourth problem is about autonomy. Not that all the universities and colleges in India are doing badly. Many organizations do a
wonderful job and those organizations still have to do better. But the problem is that these organizations do not have the freedom to work on their own. They have to act according to the guidelines of the government and the UGC. As a result, these organizations are dealing with turmoil. Can't make new projects or new ventures. So where does the idea of ​​renovating an organization working with a government grant come from? Thus our education system is more formal, regular and governmental.

Number versus quality in higher education. In higher education, students cannot get where they want to go. The number of colleges and admissions seats is very small. The number of colleges and classrooms is very small compared to the number of students we have. As a result, students do not get admission and if found, do not get in the preferred branch.
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