Saturday, 14 March 2020

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Countdown to New Year 2020 is underway. What’s to change in the New Year apart from the date? This is nothing to change unless we
pass a resolution. We keep coming up with ideas, whether we want to do it or not. Anyone who has to make any decision at any time, has nothing to look for. However, most people are waiting for a better opportunity. What is the best chance of a new year? By the way, have you decided to pass any resolution this year? If yes, consider how often you are passing this resolution? Heard it softly? Who says quitting cigarettes is difficult? How many times have I left!

If the most talked about resolution is that the resolution doesn't last long. One youth told his friend, "I have passed a resolution that I will not pass any resolution someday." Hearing this, his friend said, "Why so?" So he said, no resolution lasts long. Hearing this answer, his friend asked a turning question, if nothing lasted long, what is the problem even if it is short lived? To do more than to do nothing! Someone has put a knife in our throat or if we do not follow the resolution, I will cut my throat Maybe some resolution survives. Chance must be taken. Where are we going to lose anything?

Know what resolution is the greatest beauty? Resolution gives us the chance to improve something in ourselves. We think so, I want to make this change in myself. It could also mean that we are aware of our faults, habits or any kind of donations, and also want relief from it. Even the idea of ​​transforming oneself is nothing small. That is, there are possibilities of being better than we are. Whoever decides that there is nothing to do now, nothing can improve or increase it. Only a person who knows his own shortcomings can overcome it. One who does not see any fault of his own cannot bring about a new change.

What do you think is changing? What is it that does not allow you to live in peace? What, what event, which person does not let you chain? Isn't that possible? That's what a psychiatrist said. People keep knocking in and out. A deviation is a constant. They just have to change a few ideas to make people feel better and better. We cannot do the same. The thought that disturbs us should allow a good idea to come to fruition. It's a simple Remedy. In the new year, give some thought to the idea. What thoughts have I had throughout the day? What changed my life? Have I increased the negativity? Increased or decreased positivity? Decide not to do the one thing that upsets the thought, life will be a big change.

Someone has to find a way to leave something behind. This is the true thing a friend has said and done. He had a habit of smoking. One day he quit smoking. When asked, how did you stop smoking? He replied, cheating with quality! I cheat myself. An instant cigarette I couldn't quit. When I wanted to smoke cigarettes, I kept saying to myself, "Leave it now, then drink." Where have you left off? Must drink, then PJ. Sometimes he would even smoke a cigarette when he was not alone. Continued to deceive myself until it became In this way, the cigarettes gradually subsided and then one day was released. It was self-cheating therapy to relieve addiction. Regardless of the method, the truth was, he had to quit cigarettes. All we have to do is decide what we want to do, no matter what.

There are also a few straightforward and simple resolutions for a happy life. Increase your smile a bit, start forgetting what you don't remember, develop a habit of forgiving, decide to love your person, keep your mind blanked for a while, don't take everything at heart. Decide that life is beautiful, it's just as soon as I start living.
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