Thursday, 5 March 2020

Important questions based on the budget of the Government of India- ICE

Life is made up of time. A life line has a deadline. The momentum
we have is finally moving towards the end. No one knows how long they have. Even so, you know, the time now is my own time. You cannot stop time, but you can make sure you live. How much time do you have that you can call 'my time'? The hand has an age line, but no time is written on the end of the line. The age line does not come with a calendar. The year began when a man bought a new diary. On the very first day of the year, I checked the diary in some pages. His friend asked, why are you shooting at these pages of the diary? He said, I will do nothing on that day! You know, some time we have to waste, too! I did the same thing last year. Had to waste a few days. I feel like the only time I have wasted was to live. Is there a time in your calendar, in your diary, or in your appointment schedule? We all save Rs. We never save time for ourselves. Living without any pre-planning should be fun sometimes.

We plan tomorrow for today. We make the day so tight that there is no room for living. This is a story of a man. It is a holiday that decides that I will do nothing tomorrow! Once he was asked, what do you do all day, after deciding to do nothing? The man said, "Let's go for a walk sometimes." Don't decide any place. Just get out of the house. Let's sit wherever I want to sit. Close your eyes and hear the cries of the birds. Sometimes I talk to a stranger. If a man seems interested in drinking tea with him. If a child is found, play with them. Once he saw puppies on the road, took a bag of milk for him and gave him some milk and played with him a few times. One time a man on the road was selling books. I bought a book and sat in the garden and read half my book there. Every moment I live my way. I have authority over my time. I enjoy that right. We exercise our authority everywhere. Do Not Deploy Right Where To Deploy! Man must exercise authority over himself that you have to do what you want, you have to live, not to be distracted.

How much do we think about time? In today's technology, new tools are coming out. Hitech equipment saves us a lot of time. What do we do to save time? There is talk of a man. He was given a machine. He was told that you could do the work you did in eight hours in five hours. You will save three hours. The man was happy. For those three hours it was worth it. After a while, his friend asked, "What was left of your three hours, the machine you were given, could you do more work now?" He said, "No, why should I use the time left to go back to work?" Don't use it for me? What do we do? If we spend our time with any equipment, convenience or convenience, we put it back to work! Technology and tools save time, but we don't really use that 'savings'! That is why we are saddened by the advent of technology and hi-tech equipment! We have radically changed the concept of technology. We keep on running more and more. If we have five minutes to spare, then we will work ten minutes. We keep our minds and minds occupied so much that we can't even breathe. The meaning of the words leisurely, light-hearted and volatile has now become blurred. No leisure to roam, no air to relax and no fun to enjoy and claim that my time is mine!

The shape of life changes over time. The moment's anecdote 'shapes' every day life. Was an idiot. He said that the consciousness of the magnitude of the magnitude of the idiom should be determined when making the idol. Time is not a matter of our hands. Time flies sometimes. We have to decide how to heal their wounds. Many people break down. They do not have the same zinc membrane against time. Some people do not break even. A man approached an astrologer. Seeing the horoscope, the astrologer said, Your time is running out right now. The man said, it doesn't matter. The astrologer asked, what will you do now? The man said, "Now I will decide how I want to live my bad times for the good!" He laughed and said that sometimes there is a war against the planets. Time will only kill the wounds he has to kill. I want to strengthen my armor. No armor can hurt you if the armor is equipped. I know that breathing is not stopping. I want to keep that breath in rhythm. The air changes its direction, so the sailor sails. Humans also have to keep track of the air. Timely sail changers do not drown. When it is impossible to swim, the most important thing is to be careful not to drown!
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