Saturday, 7 March 2020

Information on Gujarati Literature -Useful for Exam

How many hours should a man work? How Many Hours Should We Relax? How much time should be given to the family? How
much time should I spend for myself? There are opinions about this all over the world. Time management talks about success. There has been so much talk about time that our minds may be confused in deciding what to follow. Everyone has their own philosophy about time. If there is one eternally true truth about time, it is that we all have twenty-four hours a day. The only thing heard right now in everyone's mouth is that it's not just time. It is not too late to die. Where does life come from?There has been news from Finland lately that makes us think, how good is it if we do this too? Finland's Prime Minister Sana Marin plans to have working hours in her country six hours a day, four days a week.

 Sana Marin, the mother of an offspring who just a few days ago became the Prime Minister at the age of 34, believes that reducing working hours will increase efficiency and productivity. Even more important, people will have ample time for their families. Sweden had a six-hour rule in 2015. After this decision, there was a radical change in people. Jack Ma, the richest man in China and owner of Alibaba Company, also favored working four days a week in 2017. The Japanese-based Microsoft company introduced a four-day working system there and saw a significant increase in production.

Finland's Ambassador to India Eric Halstorm said at an international conclave held at the Graphic Era Hill University in Dehradun recently that "Finland's people work less time than people in India, yet their efficiency is greater." The main reason for this is the happiness of the people of Finland and the warm relations of the family. He recommended the youth to give enough time to the family. The question is, should there be even time to give to the family? We do not find any uniformity about working hours. Private companies have nine to ten hours of work. In some companies, there is, at a fixed time, nothing to decide. The time in government and semi-government offices is eight hours, but in some government offices, employees come in when they are upset and leave when they wish.

The National University of Australia has done research on how much working hours should be. After this study it was said that no more than 39 hours of work should be done in a week. After that, we have to work six and a half hours every day for six days. Five days a week is 7.8 hours. Now the second question, is efficiency related to working hours only? The net answer is no! There are many other things associated with efficiency. It has one and the most important working culture. How is the environment where you work? What is your clig More importantly, how is your boss? Do you enjoy working? There is nothing less than the amount of celery you get in return for work.

The issue we have there is to balance the balance between personal and professional life. Is there peace even after coming home from work? Even at home, office work is done from a laptop or mobile. In many countries of the world, after you finish your job, no one disturbs you for office work. We can call for office work anytime. Many of us also have a habit of marching. Even after leaving office I keep checking e-mail and other activities. We keep answering. For one thing, those who work well in the office do not have to work at home. Most people fear that if we do not work more then the job will be at risk.

It is also said that when it comes to family, give quality time to the family. That means that as long as you stay with family members, your investment should be a Hundred Percent. It is different that very few people can do that. When it comes to our country, neither you nor I can make any changes to the system, unless we are in a commanding position. We have to adjust everything else in the hours that are after the job hours. Whatever it is, make time for the family and also make time for yourself, because that is the ultimate truth. Work, perform the best, be careful not to forget to do everything else.
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