Tuesday, 3 March 2020

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If anything is the most unpredictable thing in the world, it is man.
There can be no predictions about man forever. No one can ever guess what a man will do. Time and man have a wonderful sense of humor, both of which are constantly changing. It is not certain when a good person does bad things. The whole world, even known as a bad man, is sometimes well behaved. Man's mood, mindset, charity, desire, intentions, circumstances, circumstances are constantly changing. As we say, change is the rule of the world. How conscious are we of the changes taking place within us? Have you ever noticed what changes have occurred to you? You think after doing or doing good or bad, why do you do that? Sometimes an inappropriate behavior leads to our being mistaken. We also say, sorry, my mood was not right. Why wasn't the mood right? The mood keeps swinging. It is wise to keep the mood the same! The one who walks by himself is wandering alone at last.

Man is sometimes good, sometimes bad. Sometimes it goes crazy, sometimes it gets crazy. What is it like to be a man who is sometimes in fun, sometimes in sadness, sometimes in the air, sometimes in thoughts? Regardless of the mood or behavior, each person has a basic nature. Something is 'basic'. That which is basic does not change. After the building, we keep changing the walls, painting it, but the foundation is the same. It is the foundation that sustains the home. Even if the crust breaks out of the wall, the base does not change. Even though we change behavior from above, our foundation, our basic, our commitment is the same from the inside. Good is good, good is bad, bad is bad. What is 'permanent' inside us is our identity, our nature and that is how we are sure!

Was a spouse. Both were well-to-do. Help the whole family when needed. The husband always helps one who is close. Some men are unhappy. Whatever you do for it, it will never be appreciated. The wife finds out that the husband who helps her speaks bad words to everyone. The man asked her husband for help one more time. The wife told her husband that she had no help anymore. You don't have to be overly good anymore. You are good and it speaks ill of you. Hearing this, her husband said, "I know he does not speak well." That is the nature of it. He will never change his temper. If it doesn't change its speed, why should I change it? Let Him Do What He Does, We Do What We Must!

We often do what the opposite man does. We do it just like that. We have to be like us. If a cloud is horizontal, the sun does not stop lighting. The sun does the work of the sun. The work of the cloud is rainy. The cloud does not change whether it rains over the forest or rains over the desert. The nature of some human beings is like a cloud. It has to be raining! The nature of the desert is dry. It is necessary to absorb the dry matter! The cloud never says that you absorb my water, not shower on you! How is your nature Rain or thirst?

What is lacking has the same effect. Lack or influence is ultimately the nature itself. How do you influence others? This is a story of a man. He used to do his work in a city about a hundred kilometers from his hometown. Get in your car in the morning and come back at night! On the way home, the wife fills her with tiffin. One morning he got out of the house with a tiffin. When he got on the highway, he remembered that today, after meeting in the office, everyone is going to have lunch. The tiffin that the wife has given will fall and the night will be wasted. He saw a madman on the highway where the idea was going. He was sitting at the far end of the field with scattered hair, a shaved beard, torn clothing, and ankles. The man stood there looking at the insane. Tiffin replaced. He sat down next to the mad man and handed him over. Drinking water. The madman was consumed by the mad man as much as he could. After the lunatic had landed, the man sat in the car and walked! It was a wonderful feeling for a madman. It was fun!

He came home and talked to his wife at night. Lastly, I do not know what happened to Dear A Maniac, but I felt very good about it. The talk is over. The next day, when the husband left for work, his wife gave him two tiffins instead. The husband said, "Take this, go and feed the madman!" The husband was surprised. Your senses are also meaningful when your person touches them. He left home. Pelo got mad on the highway. The man deposited it. This incident has become routine. Take two tiffins a day and get mad!

One day this brother left with Tiffin. The madman arrived at the place where he was standing. He saw that the lunatic was not today. Stand for a couple of minutes. A man came from behind. His eyes widened upon seeing this! Hey! This is so crazy! But today, he is wearing nice clothes. The beard is curled. The hair is also cut nicely. Madness is not a feature at all! The man approached. The man with the car hugs the throat! That said, I'm not crazy! I'm just a normal human being. I've had bad experiences all my life. No one has treated me well. Everyone has betrayed, hated and infidelity. Feel bad
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