Monday, 23 March 2020

Social Science Textbook Download New - Std.7 : Useful for all competitive exams

We are human beings. Man can never be alone. We have to live with somebody. We have to deal with the people at home, the people we work with and the people in the community. There are some people with whom we do not feel comfortable. Even with
such a person, if there is a daily page, one has to have a relationship. Man has to decide how to deal with it! This is a story of a young man. His boss was a strange brain. Arguments that matter. The young man listens quietly. Finally he ends the conversation by saying yes. "Why do you listen to every boss' argument?" Why not tell your point? The young man said, "I say what I think is right." Whether the boss believes it or not is up to them. Finally what it says is to do it, so what to do then? I don't want to waste my energy with it!

It is better to summarize a conversation when it is not possible to extend it. If you put a comma on each point, the talk goes on. Understanding where to put a pause can ease the controversy. Many times, there is no point in moving forward! A young man was doing the job. His boss knocks it out already. The young man knew that the match had to be made to send me off. The boss prepared a report against him. This person is not eligible for organization, should be released. One time the general manager called the young man into his chamber. The young man's boss was also present. Your manager is not satisfied with your work, said the general manager. You are released today. You have anything to say? The young man said, "I have nothing to say!" The young man went out by the bye.

The young man told his friend what had happened to him. Friend asked, didn't you say anything? You should put your party in order, don't you? The young man asked if he had put me in the party, would he hold me back? They had decided to release me. There was no point in having a head with it. If you are not given an opportunity to finish the talk. Sometimes we are punished even if we do not have any arguments. It doesn't mean to be bullied when you have nothing to do. People who want to do justice must listen to everyone. Not only listening, you have to decide who is right and what is right. Often people have decided that this is what we are going to do and then pretend to listen to it. There are a lot of differences between being neutral and being neutral. Many people are capable of showing neutrality, they are not neutral!

A man should also think before saying anything, how true am I? The mistake can also be in our favor. The most difficult thing is to remain neutral with yourself. Even if we are right, understanding how to explain this truth requires understanding. If our ways are wrong, we cannot even prove our truth. Many people keep everything in their minds. I'm right I'm right so I don't have to say anything. Going dumb is also an unwillingness to say no. Saying nothing is just an example of false communication.
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