Wednesday, 11 March 2020

SSC Exam Paper Solution : Maths 2020

This year, despite the first time the NCERT-based and new paper-
style paper has been hard-pressed and especially in rural areas, the students will be disappointed more than last year. While the biology paper for B group students was a lot easier overall, the students were happy.After the board canceled the 50 marks MCQ, the new paper style, according to the new paper style, with the question papers of 80 marks and the entire NCERT course being taken for the first time. After examining the first two papers, including first language subjects and science subjects in Std.10, the students who remained tough in the third paper were very disappointed today.

Mathematics teacher Pranab Rajput said that today's paper in mathematics was weak and very attractive to ordinary students. In the first year after the introduction of new courses and new paper styles, the mathematics subject paper will have a serious impact on the overall result of students who are very tough and this year more students will be disappointed.Most of the examples in today's paper were based on textbook practices, but students were confused as to the amount changed.

Even clever students were tested in today's paper, and today's paper seemed a little tricky from the previous two, while many students have complained that today's paper was not as per the blueprint provided by the board. Blue print has a hardness value of 15% while today's paper has a hardness value of 25%. A large number of students, especially from the repeater and rural areas, will fail.

The parents complain that the board should prepare the paper for the students in rural areas where there is no good coaching or tuition but the paper should be prepared for the students who have worked very hard with good coaching all year long. Today's paper is the most important thing to do Your failure will be more this year, when the student had failed more than 2.

Taking the mathematics paper of today, the Rajkot City Acharya Sangh has also complained to the board with the analysis prepared by the 20 teachers. In addition, a board member and a member of Saurashtra on the exam committee also said that a demand will be made for granting grading to the board.
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