Friday, 13 March 2020

UGC GSET Exam Result Declare -Dec.2019 Exam

The central government is preparing to implement a new education policy and if this step is successful, instead of having one to four
standards in primary schools, the primary school will be completed in three years. The education policy, which has been in force for the last fifty-six years, is about to change. In the new scheme, the primary will be from primary to second level and then to the third, fourth and fifth elementary schools. The change is planned by 2022. Third will include fifth, sixth and seventh grades. This would be considered secondary education. Fourth grade will have four years of education which will be from 8th to 12th standard and will be considered as higher secondary level. There is also a plan to make general knowledge, logical thinking, multilingual studies and a certain skill rather than mere confinement. It is said that these changes are being made to suit the age and capacity of the children. The school will have a five-year foundation course in education, with the first three years being pre-primary and then the first and second grade in two years. 

A Principal of Vadodara has written to the Chief Minister, the Education Minister, the Governor, the Board and other officials of the Education Department with a mention of the amount to be paid for different works in the education department. 
                  The letter states that it is being decided whether to grant sanctions to non-grantable schools on the basis of money and casteism. No action has been taken to curb this misery. Prices range from Rs. To Rs. 5 for the approval of the classes. The school administrators are also affiliated with the education department officials. But that doesn't happen and there are some schools that don't even conduct CN audits.
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