Thursday, 19 March 2020

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The person who stops recognizing a man is sooner or later repentant. We too have given priority to some people in our lives who do not deserve it. When realized, it did not need to be so close.
Every man should have an understanding of how much distance he should have with whom to bow, who to join hands with, and who to embrace. One must also understand that what looks bad from the outside doesn't have to be bad. This is the point of a spouse. The wife had a problem against a friend of her husband since they got married. She had a friend who was a friend of her husband, but she did not enjoy it. Once a husband asked his wife, what is the matter with her? The wife said she smokes cigarettes, drinks and drinks, and also eats non-meals. It revolves around the house. The husband said, Your word is true, that is. 

To tell you one thing, drinking a cigarette or drinking alcohol is definitely a bad habit, but not a bad character. Characteristics are called experiences, not habits. There is no addiction, a person who regularly goes to the temple every day and talks dumbly can also be a badass. On what basis do you call it good or bad man?

To identify a human being one has to understand his thoughts. Before you have a relationship, think about what I think the person I want to be friends with or about. This is the story of a young woman. After that father-in-law left, he found new friends. It came in contact with the neighboring women. Gradually, the young woman cut ties with everyone. Her husband once asked, why don't you meet these people now? The wife said, "The thought of it all seemed to lighten me." Think of it, be happy. I have no problem against all that he says. I just don't want to go down as low as people. We should also keep in check what changes we have in relation to someone. Sangha has an impact. Color of color. Our color should be darker with color. We also lose our identity if the color fades away. What we talk about a lot of people is that it was not like it was not, its group has changed since then.

People judge us above whom we belong. They have the same group as a human being. Like minded, that means our relationship with the people we love. How much do we know about whom and to whom we like? When we meet some people, we immediately feel that we will not get along with them. Some people are immediately 'clicked on'. Not only do the heart strings match, but the strings do.

In addition to thinking about others, we should think about ourselves a little bit. How am I or how am I? Is there anything in me that touches people? It is enough if we are good on the inside. If we are good and no one comes close to us, then we feel that we have no true and good identity. I do not deserve it. There should be no straining to enhance relationships. Having the right relationships automatically grows and thrives on it. Our image is a matter of our hands. I will not give up my ideals, I will not defraud anyone, I will not give up my integrity, my grace and my glory are my identity. I will keep compassion alive in me. I will not let my senses go to sleep. There is a big difference between being alive and being live. How many are you alive To enjoy and to know life is to know the true and the good, and even more so we need to be true and good to ourselves! Because at last we are the only people who are going to meet us!
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