Friday, 3 April 2020

Food Security Allowance Distribution Formats in Pdf

A conference was held in UNESCO in the 5th. In which 7 countries 
participated. Its report states that the priority of education of any country should be higher education. Ten years after that, the former Prime Minister of our country, Shri Manmohan Singh said, "In India, the rating of 8% universities and 4% colleges is lower than average." This statement of the former Prime Minister will help readers 
to understand, what are the problems of higher education in India? India is a developing country. India has filled deer in many areas. Yet it is a fact that progress has not been made in the field of education as much as it should. The numerical increase, but not the qualitative increase, is the reality. Looking internationally, we are far behind in the research and ultra-modal campuses required in higher education, the students' interest in discipline study, the use of technology in the classroom and the employment policy and government policy after practice. There are so many universities in India today that even after so many years of independence we have not been able to repair them. Then where was the talk of changing the structure? There are several problems. The main problems of which should be.

The most basic and the main reason is financial problems. Higher Education Management in India Under the control of MHRD, UGC Is caused by UGC is in charge of granting and granting grants. Is from Delhi. It has only five sub-centers across India. Then, delivering grants to more than 3 universities and around 5 colleges located in India in a timely manner. Has become a very difficult task. As a result, college and university work are not done on time. Which impacts on the carrying out of other new tasks and on quality. As much as the government's focus is on primary education, a hundred percent of the focus and cost is not on higher education. So the UGC. Grants borne by may not be used as often and as often as they should be used by the organization. There is corruption in it too. So that the changes made by the government-funded money do not happen, and the set goals do not come true. Government UGC The grant will bear fruit for a variety of purposes. Many organizations, then, do not use different-purpose grants to achieve different purposes and return them if not used. So that different purposes cannot be achieved.

Another problem is the privatization of education. Anil Ambani was entrusted with the responsibility of study on higher education in the year of year 6. He created a committee. According to the report of the committee, "any university or college in the country is non-merit, which is not useful to everyone." This led to the passage of the Private University Bill in 7 and allowed the opening of self-finance universities and colleges. Which had some positive effects as well as negative effects
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