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Life sometimes puts us in a situation where we don't understand
what my fault is. Sometimes it feels as if we are in captivity. There is a cage around us, which makes us awkward. Want to fly, but can't fly. To live, but cannot live. There are so many restrictions on all sides that we cannot live as we please. There is no space. We cannot even speak our hearts. Some suffocation occurs when you feel short of breath while breathing. Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally. Sometimes I can't even find a corner where we can cry freely. We are surrounded by strangers who prevent us from living as we please.

This is the story of a man. He committed a crime. The court sentenced him to life in prison. As soon as he set foot in the jail, he looked up at the sky and spread his arms wide. Hush, now I'm free! No one was allowed to live in peace! I was tired of it all! I was bored! My very existence seemed overwhelming to me! Now here I am alone. I'm with you now. He found an inmate in the prison. The prisoner asked, for what crime has he come to serve his sentence? The man said, cheating! I was deceiving myself. I had to live my way! No one would let me live in peace! You have to do this, you don't have to do that, that's all you have to do, how can you escape from your responsibility? Not a single man was there to ask me, are you okay? Everyone just fell on their own! Tired of doing everything! You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Ever had a question? You should also be free to ask questions if you want an answer! I don't have to answer to anyone in this prison! Some sentences also seem to like. In prison I will be able to live my own way for a while!

Not every prison is walled. We sometimes live in captivity that has walls, but those walls are not visible, those walls are felt. Sometimes it feels like jumping a wall, but some restrictions have made the legs so heavy that the jump cannot be killed. The laws of the world are strange. Those laws are not written, they are imposed. This is the story of a girl. Very gifted in teaching. Came to college. She befriended a boy. She would sit and talk with the boy. It felt good with that. She shared her story without any fear or hesitation. At the girl's house, she found out that he was hanging out with a boy. He stopped going to college. He did not understand what crime I had committed that I had been met at home. When I asked my father, he said, I was sending you to study in college, not to have fun! The girl said, but I was studying! Where have I done anything so bad? The father said, "What is the matter with you?" You want to talk to a boy! The girl finally said, let's assume I have committed a crime, but why different laws for me and my brother? The brother also talks to many girls, why put them at home

Don't give

Every household has laws. Who makes these laws? Sometimes the lineage is traditional and sometimes it is created by the elders of the house. Not every man has Gandhi alive, some men have even a small Taliban. The terrorists in the house do not have guns in their hands but they continue to commit murders. There is no other sin like killing dreams. Such killers are well-rounded in many homes. He sometimes names his crimes as values, traditions, culture and ideals. These people have a habit of throwing flowers at hunters! By providing tools and facilities, those people say that everything has been given to you! What do you want now Sometimes people get the answer that they don't want anything, keep everything with you. In the case of people who run away from home, it is not always the fault of the fugitive, it is also the fault of those sitting in the house.

How is man Makes decisions about everything. This is good, this is bad, this should not be trusted at all! This is the story of a boy and a girl. Both slowly began to get better. The boy had to tell the girl some things about his life and family, but he couldn't! He once said to the girl, I want to tell you some things from my heart, but first you promise me one thing! The girl said, ball! The boy said, "You will not judge me by listening to me, will you?" Every man wants a person who will not judge him! Do you have someone who doesn't judge you? So you are lucky. Today, everyone is a judge. No matter what you say, a straightforward judgment is heard. One boy told his friend that my father was very wrong. I don't like that. Her friend said, huh? The friend said, if he does, he does. Don't be a judge for your father! He will suffer if he is doing wrong and secondly, what answer do you expect from me? Remember one thing, I am not going to judge you by listening to you. Listen dude, everyone’s life should be understood as a way of life. It doesn't work if we look at other people's life through the eyes of our own life! Don't be judgmental. Do it and enjoy! Be free Don't try to stop. This is because they will not listen to you. It is a sign of incomprehension to go there when we know someone is not going to listen to us. Misunderstandings are often the cause of misunderstandings.
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