Friday, 15 May 2020

DIKSHA - Platform for School Education

Key facts related to the DIKSHA portal:
The initiation portal can be used for teacher profile, news and announcement, in-class resources, teacher community, assessment aids, teacher training materials.

• On this portal, teachers will receive training both offline and online.Through this portal the Ministry of Human Resource Development will provide new and modern technologies to teachers.
• This portal will help teachers to direct themselves, as they will join the Teacher Education Institute (TEI).

Through this portal, teachers can take quality content and the content can be divided among multiple people and the infrastructure is multi-channel, which means that it can be accessed on various formats like PC, mobile phone, tablet etc. .
• Teachers can learn free courses online at their home.
The whole world including India is struggling with the problem of corona epidemic. The government is taking every concrete step to protect the citizens of the country. But to prevent the infection of Corona by the government, the life of citizens of the country is getting disturbed. In this way, a new step has been taken by the government for the future students of the country. The government is making every effort to promote education in the country. Under which the Diksha Portal has been given an integrated form, under which you can study from first class to Graduate and Post Graduate through this portal. Study material related to almost all subjects has been made available in it. If you also want to know about what is the deeksha portal, how to download the Diksha Portal mobile app, then full information has been provided here.
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