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Sunday, 5 April 2020

Current Affairs January 2020 by ICE | Useful For Exam

Who is at the center of every man's life? A few people. People we
think of as ourselves. These are also something special among their own people. It is the priority of our lives. How many people are on your priority list? Have you ever made a list of them? Not made! The reason is that it is the only memory. The heart is the same. The list has to be created to be remembered. The list of things that are not forgotten does not happen. It is only one part of life. No need to remember to breathe. It just keeps going. Some relationships are similar. There are certain relationships we cherish. There are few relationships we can live with. Some relationships are thriving. There is also some urgency. There are a few relationships that are always blossoming at sixteen.

Not every relationship is permanent either. What is missing is that relationships are also a capital of life. This relationship has been in place for some time in life. It has given us happiness for some time. There are some people in our lives who are gone. How much he has done for us when he was. Some even go with a little splash. It is only natural to grow up and get stuck in relationships. The sun rises The day is near. The night begins. The night does not rise! We never say that, if night falls! The night falls Darkness never rises It must be light! Relationships grow in our lives, like light. The light spreads. Enlightens us. We do the same. We also have the desire to keep what we love and what is closest to our heart. We also tell our person that, if you are having fun, just do it. Where else do I want it? What I do I do for you.

It is said of man that man is a selfish animal. This is simply not true. There are people in every man's life who have no interest in him. Nothing is needed from him. There were two friends. A friend does everything for his friend. His friend once asked, I have heard that man does nothing without selfishness. Why do you do so much for me? His friend said, even selfishness! That selfishness has nothing to do with you. That is my interest. I'm glad to have you in fun. Can a man be selfish with himself? Maybe there are. Selfish happiness of keeping his people happy! When we do something for our person then we get a little sad or distressed when their response is not good. Why does this happen? Does our selfishness with our self not be fulfilled? Of course, there is no such reasoning in love or relationships. Love, affection, affection, intimacy are above every logic, belief and mindset!

Many people also have the habit of letting go of what they do. Repeatedly saying, If I do everything for you it is an insult to the feeling. Impression decreases when telling increases. When a lover does anything for his girlfriend, he keeps saying, do it for you, not for anyone else. Didn't stay with girlfriend once. He said, "So don't." There is nothing I need to do. Can you do anything for me There should be an understanding of what to express in love and what to abstain from. My own person must understand that he does it for me. Needless to say! Realization is only necessary.

There is talk of one another lovers. Both the lover and the lover lived alone in different places. The boy didn't know how to cook. The girl used to cook in her own room. She would make dinner for her lover too. Deliver the lover to dinner every day. When possible, stick with it. The lover once said, "How much you do for me, man!" Sweetheart said, If I do not for you, for whom will I do? It is also fun to be annoyed when we have a person who is in love, does not seem to bother. We have seen cases where, for another person who does not work as hard as a wreck, it is ready for a special person to break even all the hills! Something's wrong with some relationships!

Doing anything for your own person also has to be careful. This is a story of a young man. He loves his wife very much. His only dream was to give my wife all the happiness. Let him fulfill every wish. Buying things he or she likes for a wife overtime in the job. Sunday also goes to the job. Work hard day and night. The wife is sad. The husband once said, I do so much for you. I want to keep you happy, but nothing looks so happy on your face! The wife said, "You believe that you are doing everything to me, I do not believe!" The husband was shocked. He asked, "Why do you speak like this?" You want to keep me happy, but you know what makes me happy? Stay with me on Sunday than go to work. Give me time Pimp me Convenience and resources do not just give happiness, but nearness is the cause of true happiness. Do you like everything you do for it? We also need to realize what a person's happiness is. What does he like What I do think is that he is in the seventh heaven. One of the reasons for the breakup of relationships is that we do not know the reasons for our individual happiness. That is why we often do not understand why a couple who live with very little and little things are happy! It only makes sense to know what to say to my person

Current Affairs March 2020 by ICE | Useful For Exam

Sajan re liath vote, Khuda ke paas jaana hai ', is such a song in the old Hindi film' Tisari Kasam '. At that time, it was only a matter of
going to God to punish him for lying. Secondly, do people speak the truth? They were encouraging to know. I should eat Many would even lie about eating something, that is, your bus. People used to give a variety of tips to make a true confession. Now the time has changed. Lying and doing wrong have made technology difficult. If you do anything wrong, the risk of getting caught is highest. CCTV cameras capture your presence. Your phone can track where you were and where you went. Technology has now reached the point that your lies can catch up to sixth of the clock. The latest news is, now that technology has come out, if a man is lying, his gestures will say, "This is a number one lie."

Facesoft, a UK startup company, has developed a technology using Artificial Intelligence to catch a man's liar. This technology will bring facial expressions to the fore with micro-expressions, which can reveal, is it true or false? You know, when we laugh, the rhythm of our laughter resonates with our eyes. Happiness, anger, resentment, and our other emotions make certain lines on the face. Now if a man is lying, his lips are different and the expression of his eyes is different. Over 30 million gestures have been uploaded to this technology. There are 80 points on each face that distinguish one face from another. Based on this, the numeric code is generated. Do not fall into the second detail and speak directly to the language, it can be said that the technology will expose the wrong child. We can think of everything from the negative side, talk of falsehood, but on the other hand, it can be said that the one who speaks the truth will be proved right. It is also not good that the truth-maker will get the technology.

Now this FaceSoft company will test this technology with the police in London and our Mumbai police. If this technology is successful, it will replace the polygraph test ie ly detector. Polygraphy test that is performed by injecting a chemical called sodium thiopental, ethanol or cannabis into the offender's body. This chemical is also called Truth Drugs. Polygraphy tests are performed in many rare cases. This is the new technology software base. Right now, even if this is just for the police and the criminals have to try it, technology experts predict that the technology will be available to the general public sooner or later. The point is, if you upload a video, it will tell if it is true or false. If you see such an app in your Play Store shortly there is nothing to be surprised about.

The biggest question is, what will happen to human relations if this happens? Whatever we say, it is a fact that many relationships are based on lies. It is not a matter of how a man can recover overnight. Thus, Onesti is in a relationship. Whatever lies you have to do if caught early or late. Technology never deletes your communication history completely. Sin shouted at the roof. As a cyber expert has said, if a man falls behind, he can know your transactions from here to there. Well, not everyone doubts us! However, with time and with the development of technology, the suspicion of each other has also increased. Thus, since the advent of mobile, it has also become a joke. The first jock was probably the same, the wife asked, "Where are you?" The husband said, drive the car. The wife said, eh? Just play the horn! If so

Saturday, 4 April 2020

Standard 3 to 9 Homework | Week -2 | Education Department

Dreams are a buzzword. Sometimes dreams can be very hands-on. Occasionally, the dream of a very hands-on dream can slip out of
our hands in a way we do not understand. The building of happiness and success stands in front of us. When the building suddenly collapses, the vortex of distress subsides. What happens to us, what was thought and what happened? At some point, frustration comes, that I can't do anything anymore. Man blames fate when hard work does not bring color. Turns out the circumstances.
Homework PDF Here

This is a story of a young man. He had to go to medical. Worked hard to study. All the people used to say that no one can work as hard as you. Exam given. Marks did not arrive when the result was released. Medical admission was not available. When it happened, everything was finished. In life there is nothing left but darkness. He approached a saint. The water reverberated above all I did, said the saint. A farmer living in the field opposite the saint pointed his finger at the couple and said, "Look at those two. Last year, the two sowed their fields. There was good rainfall after sowing. Both were happy that this year would be a major crop. The dream of marrying a daughter from a good income was something to keep an eye on. As it happened, the river was flooded. The whole farm was submerged in water. Since they couldn't stay in the field, they came to my cottage. I asked, does it hurt so much? That said, the water turned back on virtually all the hard work. Speaking of misery, if there is suffering, then there is. Should be done. The notion of happiness is incomplete. However, this happens. It keeps happening. This is not the first time anything like this has happened. Let's think again. The couple fell asleep on the ground at night.

Speaking to the young man, he said, "Why don't you accept failure and why do you think this failure is the last?" Remember one thing, failure is not about our hands, but frustration is a matter of our hands. You have to decide if an exam can fail you, whether you feel frustrated or not. It is true that the water returns to your labor, but why do you sit in the water? Failure to quench failure is like sticking to water. The longer you stick to failure, the longer it will take to overthrow, the more it will suffer. Going down the road and when diversion comes you think that this diversion is never going to end. There is no end to diversion!

Not every dream of life comes true. Failure is achieved even if you try hard and hard. A young man wanted to be a musician. He studied music with the approval of his father. Worked very hard After completing my music studies, there was no chance. Many blows, but nowhere. Got frustrated The father looked at his son's condition one day and asked, "What is going on?" The son said, he doesn't care. You trusted me and I couldn't do anything! The father laughed and said, my trust is still intact. Your trust is broken. Father spoke of himself. Dad was a manager at a bank. Had a good salary. The house was going great. Father said, Do you have dreams of my life come true? You know, I wanted to be an IAS. I worked night and day. I couldn't clear the IAS Exam. I tried my best, but did not succeed. I thought, am I not the only one with whom this happened? I gave the bank exams for the job. IAS worked hard, so the bank's exams seemed a lot easier. I already passed the blast. All I was saying was, "You're lucky you got a job in the bank." I became a clerk with a desire to be a collector. However, after that I became a manager, giving the bank exams. Still working hard to become my Regional Manager. Now think, if IAS was frustrated by the failure?

Speaking of you, you are depressed very quickly. Where is everything yet? Secondly, you have learned music to succeed. Not to Enjoy! Why connect your Hunner with success? Connect with your happiness, your happiness and your joy! Where can you get lost while playing music? You are lost in you, the searcher will find you! Music should bring happiness. I did not allow you to study music, so that you would become a great musician. I said yes, that you may enjoy your work. Enjoy what you do. Life looks like living you Forget success or failure while playing music, the cows in the village take the flute with the herdsmen. Playing flute in the yard. No one is audible. It doesn't even play to hear anyone. He does it for his own fun. If your music doesn't make you fun, where else should you come from?

In this age, everybody wants to be a celebrity. Want heaps of likes on social media. FOLLOWERS 'figure is considered FEM. People dream of getting away to take selfies with them. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. The question is, what does that give you? Are you satisfied with whatever you name? Are you happy with that? Our problem is that we are not enjoying what we want, we want more than others. Likes are not the critter of popularity. Everyone wants recognition. The place you want to reach. Work for it, everything else will come with it. No need to pop a village to be populous, just an angle

Friday, 3 April 2020

Food Security Allowance Distribution Formats in Pdf

A conference was held in UNESCO in the 5th. In which 7 countries 
participated. Its report states that the priority of education of any country should be higher education. Ten years after that, the former Prime Minister of our country, Shri Manmohan Singh said, "In India, the rating of 8% universities and 4% colleges is lower than average." This statement of the former Prime Minister will help readers 
to understand, what are the problems of higher education in India? India is a developing country. India has filled deer in many areas. Yet it is a fact that progress has not been made in the field of education as much as it should. The numerical increase, but not the qualitative increase, is the reality. Looking internationally, we are far behind in the research and ultra-modal campuses required in higher education, the students' interest in discipline study, the use of technology in the classroom and the employment policy and government policy after practice. There are so many universities in India today that even after so many years of independence we have not been able to repair them. Then where was the talk of changing the structure? There are several problems. The main problems of which should be.

The most basic and the main reason is financial problems. Higher Education Management in India Under the control of MHRD, UGC Is caused by UGC is in charge of granting and granting grants. Is from Delhi. It has only five sub-centers across India. Then, delivering grants to more than 3 universities and around 5 colleges located in India in a timely manner. Has become a very difficult task. As a result, college and university work are not done on time. Which impacts on the carrying out of other new tasks and on quality. As much as the government's focus is on primary education, a hundred percent of the focus and cost is not on higher education. So the UGC. Grants borne by may not be used as often and as often as they should be used by the organization. There is corruption in it too. So that the changes made by the government-funded money do not happen, and the set goals do not come true. Government UGC The grant will bear fruit for a variety of purposes. Many organizations, then, do not use different-purpose grants to achieve different purposes and return them if not used. So that different purposes cannot be achieved.

Another problem is the privatization of education. Anil Ambani was entrusted with the responsibility of study on higher education in the year of year 6. He created a committee. According to the report of the committee, "any university or college in the country is non-merit, which is not useful to everyone." This led to the passage of the Private University Bill in 7 and allowed the opening of self-finance universities and colleges. Which had some positive effects as well as negative effects

Food Security Allowance Distribution Formats

Man has a permanent relationship with man. We sometimes feel lonely. Looks like you don't want to talk to anyone right now. No
man can be alone forever. Some people cannot live alone in their own home. Some people are 'human'. There is also an appetite in the vicinity. There is also a thirst for sensation. Such a person is thirsty when he is not at home. Thirst is not just for the throat, but also for the heart. There is also a thirst for boasting. The thirst is quenched when there is no one who is proud. Even solitude is sometimes created with one's own person. The starless solitude turns into loneliness. Only when you are there do I feel that I am with me. Lack of stars creates emptiness. Even the peace seems like a chore. Nothing bothers, nothing bothers, nothing bothers. Everything seems to be moving. Your presence makes the whole house feel decadent. After the water has dried, the ground is shaken. Something similar happens after you leave. Swimming turns into a flurry.
It feels like stepping into my heaven when I set foot in the house. This paradise of two or three rooms is ours. Outside the door, I wipe out all the turmoil. I am careful not to let the sadness enter. The walls of our house are alive. Even with our laughter, the walls are dead. A light shines on the walls. Sometimes you get scared, you just can't get the look of a coke somewhere! The fear of happiness also has to be shaken. As it happens, this fear is not even shaken at home! Every corner of my house is sacred. I do not want to overstate it with fear, fear, sadness, resentment, anger, quarrels, or Abola. I want everything clean. Clean as your heart, clean as our mind and clean as our very existence!

Home is not just cleaning clothes. Holiness is created by love. Even in the most clean houses, santos are used. There is a difference between silence and silence in peace and quiet. It is not silent that nothing can be said or the mind is ready to speak. Even if there is something to be said, it is the compassion of the relationship that the mind does not want to say. Some homes are bound by rules. When clogged it quickly becomes clogged. The rules are in prison, not in the home. When rules are imposed, the house also becomes more like a prison. Those who do not feel liberated in their home can never enjoy the feeling of freedom. A girl was always laughing and playing. Have fun forever. His sister once asked, How can you be so free? The girl said, "There is a sky in my house. Where I get to fly. I am allowed to live my way. Looks like there is no sky. The lack of sky creates a vacuum. Only if the sky is clear. Do you have a sky in your house? Many homes have sky, but are not allowed to fly. If the sky is so wide, then it doesn't matter!

Once upon a time, a poor child went to the king's palace. Seeing the magnificent palace, it became like this. What happened to the baby, such a big palace! My house is very small. The child questioned the king. What does a large palace require? Is sleeping in the same room? The king responded by listening to the baby. Greatness is in the heart of the king. This huge palace is making me even wider. It should be in the heart of the king to have everyone's interest. The vastness makes you wider. The baby started laughing as he listened to the king. The king asked for a reason to laugh. The child said, "We are in a room. My father's heart is huge. He wants all the good. Don't think bad of anyone. It teaches me that, no matter how big or small, a house or a house is, there is no turning back. I don't understand whether you are right or my father correct?

The king turned his head around the baby and told an experience. The king said, I once went for a walk in the forest. There was a fakir living in a forest. I talked to Fakir. His words were about the love of the whole world. His talk was wide and wide. His thoughts were even wider than I thought. The answer that came to my mind is the answer to your question. The walls of some houses are dimly lit. When this happens, the whole world becomes our home. Every man in the world becomes a relative. It has to reach the level of the saint. The whole world is the home of God.

It doesn't matter what the house is like. What is important is how home is. There were two friends. A friend was from the middle class. Another incredibly rich. Once both were talking. "I don't mind going home," said a middle-class friend. This is what happens to me, ”said a rich friend. The rich friend asked, but why don't you want to go home? The friend said that all the people in my house are very strange. Homelessness is the only cause of unending rain. There is a two-room house. The other room may sound like a headlock. We live in a room with two brothers. My brother, too, has a strange mind. No one understands anything! The middle class friend then questioned the rich friend. Why don't you mind going home? Your house is magnificent. A rich friend said, yes my house is magnificent. It's a fun bungalow. There are dozens of rooms. There is a beautiful garden. Jahojalali has no shortage! Never mind going home though! Go home and I will be alone. All are buried in their own rooms. When he comes home he enters directly into his room. No one talks to anyone except work. Men keep the house very clean. Never see a spider's net anywhere. You know, some are not visible at all! Sanatana's trap sits atop Killol's throat. The creek is also dangerous. Don't do it! If a

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Read today's newspaper: PDF file of major newspapers

Every human being has a nature. Every man has a 'type'. We often say that he is a very strange man. How is the nature of man made?
Thus, it is said that his upbringing, his background, his circumstances and his condition make nature. Not to be mistaken, it is also true that the experiences that a person experiences are shaped by him. We all experience a few good, a few nauseous, some sweet, a few bitter experiences every day. Experiences leave something in us. Experiences are planting something in us. What is planted and what grows out of it becomes our belief or mentality. We decide accordingly, whether this is good, this bad, this right, this unworthy, this doing, this not doing. Sin and virtue also have their own concepts.
Newspaper PDF FIle

It is not necessary that we have ideas with every human being. Not all people belong to 'our type'. We ever wonder, what type of person am I? If I like something then why? If I don't like something, what is the reason? Is the reason true or false? We don't think too much of everything. Everyone has the right to follow their own beliefs. One and the most important reason why our relationships do not last is because we cannot accept one's beliefs. We want everything we like and want.

This is a family affair. Three members of that family. Husband, wife and son. The husband had a good job. The income was also OK. Husband's very nature. The skin is broken but the skin does not break. The son grew up. His demand began to grow. Father does not pay Rs. Son once told mom, Daddy's nature doesn't explain to me. Even though they have rupees, using them does not work. If not, understand why, but why is it doing so much? Something comes out of them, it comes out of the nose! Mom said, "Son, it's like that." You can't change them. After I got married, I was like, 'This man is greedy. Gradually, I realized that this is what their nature is. I've never tried to change them. Except for one thing, how good is everything else in them! We sometimes try to measure it from a fraction of human nature. Man should be seen from many sides, not from one side. Mother said, rather than the nature of your daddy, you will be bad for your daddy, otherwise you will feel bad about him. Every man has a thing or two that is not good, but that does not make him bad!

Often we measure man with the use of his money. There are many people around us whose pockets never go out of money. It is very thoughtful if you have to use anything. We are also talking about how to tie it together and get everything together! What to use for someone else who is thinking of spending money for himself? Many rupees are used to using. He removes the wallet from his pocket. We tend to base people's opinions about people on such a nature. There was a group of friends. A friend keeps giving everyone a party, calls everyone, has fun. Spending money for everyone was also dear to all.

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Textbook PDF File | Standard 5 | Gujarati Medium

Man is changing a little every day. Not only nails and hair do not

grow, not only age, but also a lot of growth or decrease. Every day, a few breaths are added to us. That breath sometimes makes us lighter and sometimes heavier. The creation or dissolution of sensations is a daily process. Every day adds a day to our lives. How many 'grow' do we grow daily? How different are you today than yesterday? The mirror shows the outward appearance. What about the beauty inside? Do we nail inside or feel overwhelmed? How much do we realize the direction of change in us?

पाठ्यपुस्तक डाऊनलोड 

Man is constantly trying to get to know others. Who is how What does he think? We keep trying to read our person's thoughts. Thoughts can never be fully read, because ideas change daily. Sometimes there are questions about a person who has lived with them for years. I know that right? Sometimes man seems beyond comprehension. Our footprint for measuring it falls short. A young woman went to see a philosopher. "My husband and I have been together for ten years," she said. He is a good man However, sometimes I do not understand its behavior. Sometimes I think, I can't even open it! The philosopher said, "Do you know who you are?" Have you ever had the idea that he could fully recognize you? Another thing is, what does it mean to recognize? Man's identity is changing every day. The truth is, man needs to be adopted, not man. Man has to be found, not measured!

Was a spouse. Both had a fifth marriage anniversary. The two were sitting together. The wife said, you have changed a lot in these five years. The husband asked, what changed? Now you are starting to give more imports to your work. As crazy as you were before me, not so much anymore! The husband said, OK, what else? The wife proceeded to talk. You have become more mature. Behaves better with all. Is taking life more seriously. Understand your responsibility The husband said, "Well, you have considered my good talk, along with my poor talk." The wife said, "If you only look negative, I will do you wrong." Nothing makes a Hundred percent better or a hundred percent worse. The wife then asked, what has changed in me? The husband said, to be honest, I don't think much about change. It is a daily occurrence. All I know is that you were mine yesterday, I am still today and will remain mine forever. Sometimes when I think of change, I don't want to be lacking. Faith is the key to a relationship. No matter the mood, the origin should not change. Man has some basics. The basics do not change. Humans are good, but we also have a responsibility to maintain our individual well-being!

How often does a man trying to identify himself try to identify himself? How much do we realize our mentality? How honest are we with our self? What do you say if someone asks you about yourself? A boy goes to meet a girl for a wedding. We are told there, the girl went to see! Are we going to look or understand? The boy said to the girl, Tell me something about you. Talk about yourself Other than biodata. I have read about name, age, study, family members. Talk about it! The girl said, I'm a bit of a capital. Some of my points are points. Sometimes I get angry. Ignorance doesn't suffer from me. I am afraid of the dark at night. If I see any compassionate scenes in movies, I get to cry. I also have an element of jealousy. I get jealous if someone does a better job than me. Sometimes I even feel like I'm an idiot. I trust you all too soon. When someone cheats me, I get angry at myself. When I am very angry, I also speak out. I do not judge anyone. I don't like that someone judges me. I hope you do not judge me after hearing this.

The girl asked, what about you? The boy said, I am not very angry. I prefer to get away with it than to quarrel with it. I'm a bit workaholic. Sometimes I am scared to ask if I can give enough time to my life partner? I'm a bit stubborn. Can't put up after one thing gets stuck. My own nature has often nagged at me. I'm loyal I hate to deceive anyone. I have my own understanding of life, my own philosophy. Peace and happiness should be experienced in everyday life. By the way, if someone asks you about yourself, can you say everything is true? We also have so much honesty? How much do we store in ourselves? We are constantly on the inside! We often do not even speak our heart to our person!

Textbook PDF File | Standard 6 | Gujarati Medium

If something good or bad happens to you, who would you talk to first? Naturally, you are only going to tell who is closest to you. It
can be anyone. Now the second question is how many people in your life do you know all about? Which turns out to be yours and which makes you turn? There will be a lot of people. Yes, the circle can be very large. If you are a celebrity, even the crowds near you. There are very few people who really care about our pain and sensation. Right now social media is on the horizon. Thousands of people will be connected to you on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and other sites. If you upload some status, you might get five hundred or seven hundred likes or more. How many of these people would know what mentality you are going through right now? People can easily upload photos that are fun, but not everyone can talk about them. For this, only certain people are needed.
पाठ्यपुस्तक डाऊनलोड 
Portugal footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, who knows the world well, avoids talking about himself. However, in a recent interview, Ronaldo spoke a lot about his heart. We don't want to fall into it, but there is one thing that applies to everyone a little bit. "Wherever I go, the crowd surrounds me," Ronaldo said. I can't even get out with my girlfriends and kids. Well, this thing is understood. However, he later said that there are only four people in my life whom I can rely on with my eyes closed. How many people are there in your life? Think carefully, it will take time to even think the name. We do not have people who do not have the burden of talking to us. Speaking of others, most couples don't even tell their life partner all the things. It is not, of course, not to say that he has to hide, the fact is, man does not have faith. Will this make sense to me or not? What do you mean by that? How will you judge me? What if his beliefs about me change? Many relationships are also linked to delusion. People fear that if I speak the right thing, their behavior will change.

How many people do we really feel in our lives? One study says that at any time in a person's life, at least 20 people are the closest. Even in these twenty, there are ten people who change from time to time. Permanent is only ten. While in school, we have a good acquaintance with ten boys or girls. Two or four of them have a close friendship. When the school is finished, those people are removed. Meet new friends in college. Then the people who work with us in the job are closer to us. Sometimes we talk to someone every day. Talks about office work become necessary every day. In addition, if the person is like minded, personal things are shared with him. Instead of a job, it also goes away. In your life, there must have been people with whom you had to talk to an Atlas once a day. Just a little thought, talking to those people is rarely going to happen now. Some friends also come into our life, who do not walk without talking, are also slowly disappearing. It is not often remembered that the last time it was talked about.

General Knowledge Book of Government of Gujarat

Let's start today with a joke. Was an employee. His boss used to tell him every time, 'You're not worth anything. Once this employee
went to the boss to ask for leave. "It's a personal thing. We need a day off," said Bosan. Hearing the holiday, the boss said, "If you go on holiday then who will work?Taking a leave from a job is as hard as chewing iron. The heart rate increases when approaching the boss, will this leave or not? Now most companies have an online system for taking leave. If you want to leave, apply the leverage on the company's intranet. The boss will approve or reject your live online.

If you approve, it does not matter, but when you reject, the situation becomes a whisper, why should the boss now be convinced? In some companies, it is customary to do the holiday. I have to prove that I really want to live with Genuine Reason. Many bosses even get a sedative pleaser to reject employees' leave. We also see a number of instances where a job is changed because of no leave. That is why, it is said that no man is hiring because of work, mostly because of people there and especially seniors. There are very few companies where there is a leisurely holiday.

There is a reason why I wanted to talk about holiday. A recent survey in the United States found that taking time off from work could reduce the risk of heart attack. It is also a joke to hear of this survey, that there is a situation where the risk of heart attack becomes the same as asking for leave. If you want to leave tomorrow, at night he does not even think about sleeping, how to say? Sometimes it is a pleasure to have a lottery if the boss says yes without a headlock. Well, in a survey conducted by Syracuse, a US-based private research university, it was revealed that people who don't take time off for themselves are at risk for digestive problems, from heart disease to heart attack. Because of the job, the man is constantly in stress. Taking a break gives you a break and experiences physical and mental upheaval.

It is understandable that, if there is a holiday, relaxation fills and it refreshes. However, a new issue is that people are now afraid to take leave. So why not give me leave? So, what if my imports drop? What if I am not considered censor for work? What if my image is bad? So many people are scared that if I ask for leave I will be fired. There is a rift in every field right now. Everyone is determined to survive. Youngsters also have a performance commitment. Everyone feels pressured to propose themselves and their work.

Now the hours of work have gone up too. In the big city, people leave for work in the morning and arrive home every night. Due to lack of workload and leave, questions have also been raised about the relationships of people. The biggest issue with new couples is that they can't afford each other. Today's youngsters understand the value of relationships, but are having trouble because of their careers. Where there is a need to be present, the present cannot exist. This is the story of a young man selected on the Higher Post. Because of his new job, he could not attend any of the events, so his relatives used to beat him so much that you are now a big man. He said, 'Brother, I am almost stuck at work. I want to be everywhere, but should I match?

Friday, 27 March 2020

Current affairs 15 to 21 March 2020 by ICE

The world is full of people of the species. If anything in this world is 'most unpredictable' it is man. It has been said about man, that man is a social animal. Although not all are social, some are also
antisocial. Some people are weird. There are people of different categories in this world, like crazy, bigoted, generous, open-minded, playful, crooks, lukewarm, selfish, good, bad, lukewarm, believer, atheist, own, parka, non-existent. Thus, two types of man are important to man. Like it or not! Relationships have been said to relate to whoever they are and to avoid what is not. Of course, this may not be the case in every case. Sometimes, people fall into our pages that we cannot keep close or fling away. Whether we like it or not, we have to deal with it. The mind is torn, but not everyone can be torn apart! Let us say, where in my destiny did this stray or stray!

Some people are not directly involved in our lives yet they are all around us. Our neighbors, the people who work with us, the people we often meet on the go, are not a part of our lives, yet we are affected by good or bad things. Even if we don't want to, they have to look in their mouths and talk to them. There are some kinship or in-laws that look like we get some weird irritation! How many people do you have in your life that you remove if you have to? There will be a few faces! However, we have nothing to do with it. It is a different matter if it is removed naturally over time, but we cannot remove it when we wish.

Any action has a reaction. When someone is treating us, we respond to them. The response is positive, negative, balanced, or calculated. We act tactfully, thinking that there is no substance to this. If it happens in my mind that I have to walk and say what I want to say, then we can't do it and often we can't. At this time, the measure of a man is based on how he behaves. Our behavior is determined by behavior. Maturity, prudence, or maturity means the ability to behave under certain circumstances. Not all brains are in control. The brain needs stability. The mind and the brain that are not in control are wandering or stopping. Many people act from good to bad in the worst of situations. If a person wants to be identified, his good time behavior should be checked, but not his bad time behavior.

This is a story of a girl. Completed college. It was selected for the job in the campus interview. She did her job with integrity and integrity. His boss was a strange brain. He was always looking for a chance to knock it down, for whatever reason. There was a WhatsApp group from the office club. It used to be talk of work. If a girl writes anything, her boss responds badly to her. You do not understand anything! Sometimes they even use words like flowers or idiots! The girl doesn't answer anything bad. Sorry or write down that I care more.